Pyramid Dyeing


Learn how to dye 21 beautifully colored and textured fabrics from 3 Procion MX dyes.


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AVAILABLE January 2022

Pyramid Dyeing is a wonderful way to create 21 different colors, using only 3 pure Procion MX dyes.

We will work with two sets of dyes in this on demand, online workshop.

The workshop includes online videos that show each step, and instructional PDFs that you can download.

You will have access to the workshop videos 24/7 indefinitely (as long as the website exists).

We will also have a private Facebook group where you can post photos and questions.

You will also receive a list of other combinations of Procion MX dyes that you can use to create an awesome array of beautifully colored and textured fabric.

In this workshop we will dye two, 21-step pyramids.
You will end up with 42 beautifully colored fabric pieces, each measuring 37.5 x 25cm.


  • 3m of Quilters Percale (150cm wide)
  • 50gm Urea
  • 70gm Soda Ash
  • 300gm Salt
  • 6gm each Procion MX dye – Yellow MX8G; Red MX8G; Turquoise MXG
  • 6gm each Procion MX dye – Golden Yellow MXGR; Red MX5B; Blue MXG


We will make a wall hanging that displays all of the blended dyes.

  • You will use a piece 12.5 x 12.5cm for your wall hanging.
  • You will have lots of fabric left for art quilts, applique, collage…
  • You will have the formulae for all of the colors.
  • You will also receive an Excel spreadsheet to allow you to calculate how much dye, salt and soda ash you need to dye varying amounts of fabric.


Kit (optional):

There will be a kit available:

Kit includes fabric, urea, soda ash, 20ml syringe and the six dyes that you need to complete this workshop.


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